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Say “HELLO” to a Happier, Healthier YOU!

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Say “HELLO” to a Happier, Healthier YOU!

Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to be so happy? Every time you see them they have a smile on their face and a hearty laugh in their voice. Do you ever find yourself being just a little bit envious thinking, “nobody is genuinely that happy all the time, they must be faking it”, right? My father was like that. He was always laughing and joking about something. He had a happy attitude. It didn’t mean he didn’t have problems, far from it, but he had a way of being that was generally upbeat and humorous. Some would say that he had a cheerful nature. And yes, I would agree that some people are naturally cheerful. However, I believe and I have found that having a happy attitude is a choice. Its just that some of us get so used to focusing on what we don’t have that we choose to be more un-happy or indifferent in general than happy. There are many theories as to why this is, which I won’t go into here but suffice it to say that being happy is definitely not about how much money you have. I have personally met some of the poorest people in the world and those people have also been some of the most joyful people I have ever encountered.

So if a happy attitude is in fact a choice, what would encourage a person to choose to be happy – a loving partner, a good job, a secure family environment, enough money, overall good health, friends? It’s safe to say that any and all of these things would be encouraging. What if none of these existed? Is there anything left that could encourage you to choose to be happy?

I have found that when all else fails the one thing available and that will always be available to allow us to choose to be happy is gratitude. No matter what, there is always something to be grateful for even if it is just to be alive. The famous author and Nazi concentration camp survivor Viktor Frankl wrote, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way”. I hope that you never have to be tested to this extent to come to the realization that Viktor Frankl came to; that in the end it is your choice to decide how to respond to any situation. Now this is not to say that being happy is the only choice one can make. Every human emotion has its place in our lives. Sometimes sadness is appropriate as is love, anger, disappointment and so on. The point that I wish to make is that we can choose to be happy and that it is a healthier choice, much like choosing to eat whole foods over junk foods.

Now what about health? Can we choose to be healthy? Many people would say no. We’re either healthy or we’re not. They would say nobody would “choose” to be sick so how could you “choose” to be healthy? Well, a lot of studies have shown that our beliefs and therefore our minds play a pivotal role in whether we are sick or healthy. In drug testing trials this phenomenon is commonly referred to as the “placebo effect”. So while I would stop short of saying we can “determine” whether we are sick or healthy, I would most definitely say that we can “choose” to be healthy. However, choosing to be healthy comes with responsibility. We can’t say we choose to be healthy and drink a gallon of whiskey everyday. Our choice has to be supported by our actions. If we choose to be healthy, we will choose to do things that support being healthy like eating nutritious foods, exercising and getting enough rest. Taking responsibility also means not doing reckless things like staying out in the cold for long periods of time in shorts, a tank top and flip flops, drinking enough alcohol to induce vomiting or engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners. So a conscious choice to be healthy should yield positive results if backed up with congruent actions.

It’s often said that no amount of money can make up for poor health. It’s also said that money isn’t everything but it sure pays for the trip, and if you have both, now that’s living. We pretty much spend most of our lives in the pursuit of money and good health. However, all too often we sacrifice our health in the pursuit of money. In the endless pursuit of material possessions, we succumb to the materialism that puts us on a treadmill of endless desires, if not for ourselves to impress others. Most of us never achieve financial security because we can never earn enough money at a job (just over broke) to get ahead of our bills. Another more fortunate group earns more money but they have to wait until retirement to enjoy the fruits of their labor. While a very small (more like tiny) group actually has “real” wealth (don’t have to work), time freedom (can do what they want when they want) and good health. What if I said you can have all three and before you get too old to enjoy them? Would you get excited?

The key to success is always knowing that you get to choose how you’re going to respond to your circumstance and being proactive to create your desired outcome. In order to have wealth, time and good health, you need a plan and an achievable set of goals. The key to health is choosing actions that support your wellbeing. In the FARE WELL philosophy, we promote that proper choices in Food, Awareness, Relaxation and Exercise, With Encouragement, Laughter and Love will produce a happier, healthier you. The outcome of which will be good Health, Enthusiasm for life, Longevity, Liberty (freedom with responsibility) and Opportunity (financial abundance) or HELLO. As a member of our community, you will learn how to bring your life into balance and be able to take advantage of the benefits and opportunities to not only be healthy but wealthy as well. So join us on this journey of discovery and say FAREWELL to dis-ease and say HELLO to a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER YOU!

With love and gratitude always,

Joel Epps