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Welcome and Mission Statement

Welcome to the Interactive Health System! An integrative holistic health support website where you can get information, products and online tracking tools to improve your health and the health of your family. IHS is also a community where members can interact to support each other in achieving their goals and have fun in the process.

IHS is based on a holistic philosophy of health developed by health educator and nutritionist Fay Epps MS CHHC, called FARE WELL, which stands for Food, Awareness, Relaxation, and Exercise, With, Encouragement, Laughter, and Love. Professor Epps, as she is affectionately called by her students, maintains that each of these components is crucial when seeking to successfully improve and maintain optimal health.

IHS combines the FARE WELL philosophy with information, products, tracking tools and recommended actions to support each aspect of  your health and wellness improvement. We believe that knowledge plus action equals true transformation (knowledge + action = transformation). Whether you’re trying to lose a few extra pounds, battling a chronic disease, or get in shape to run a marathon, IHS can provide you with the information, products and tools that will support you in taking action to reach your unique goals. Click here to get a free trial and learn more about what IHS can do for you.

Our Mission Statement

The Interactive Health System seeks to provide its customers and members with reliable information, tools and actions to achieve a holistic healthy lifestyle.  Holistic not only includes physical health but emotional and financial health as well.  In addition, the Interactive Health System also seeks to provide members opportunities to improve their financial health through training in family business development or “familypreneurship” (family entrepreneurship).

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Interactive Health System is to promote a new health paradigm that most illness is preventable through lifestyle choices and health promoting environments.  The purpose of IHS is to provide the knowledge of how to empower you and your family to prevent illness first and to cure illness with natural means second, before resorting to synthetic drugs and surgeries.

Our Why

We strongly believe that many of the socio-economic problems facing the world today can be improved through a changed healthcare paradigm based on finding cures not making profits.  We believe that significantly reducing the cost of healthcare by revealing safer and more effective alternatives to drugs, that become the norm instead of the exception, will have a dramatic net positive effect and allow us to place the savings gained into other areas such as education and infrastructure.  We want our children and their children’s children to live in a world where access to good healthcare is a human right not a privilege. Our motto is say FAREWELL to Dis-ease and say HELLO To A Happier and Healthier You!

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