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Are you serious about making lasting positive changes in your health?  If yes, then join our community. We understand how challenging creating new behaviors can be so we offer a dynamic support system that includes the following features and benefits for you:

  • Interactive Health Sessions
    • Self directed education and interaction with our online learning portal
    • Allows you to learn and make changes at your own pace
  • Food tracker
    • Keeps track of calories and nutrients of all your meals and snacks
    • Allows you to measure changes over time
  • Exercise tracker
    • Keeps track of calories burned from exercise
    • Allows you to save exercise routines
    • Allows you to measure performance improvements over time
  • Mood tracker
    • Keeps track of moods throughout the day
    • Allows you to see relationship between food, exercise and supplements to your mood
  • Blood Glucose tracker
    • Keeps track of blood glucose readings from your meter
    • Allows you to see relationship between food, exercise and supplements to your blood glucose level
    • Allows you to measure changes over time
  • Pedometer tracker
    • Keeps track of your pedometer readings and include into your exercise tracker
  • Supplements and Medication tracker
    • Keeps track of your supplements and medications
    • Allows you to request text message reminders to take your supplements and medications
  • Quick view calendar
    • Allows you to see at a glance your daily activity
  • Tracker charts for analysis of your progress over time
    • Allows you to see the relationship between different trackers
  • Access to Recipes
    • Get recipes that take into account your diet restrictions (coming soon)
  • Global Resource Directory
    • Directory of Restaurants with healthy choices and special offers for IHS Members
    • Directory of Health Practitioners
  • Online community support
    • Get encouragement and support from like minded members
    • Join forums on subjects that interest you
    • Join groups that have similar specific interests as you
    • Join challenges
    • Get real time response from practitioners and coaches on the forum
  • Monthly Question & Answer Call
    • Participate in Q&A led by Professor Epps to help you get more detailed answers to your questions and learn from the experience of others
  • First look at new features under development
    • Allows you to see new features and test them first
    • Participate in making features that benefit you the most
  • Membership discounts on all products in IHS Store

Basic Membership – $9.97 per month (purchase)

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