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20 Healthy Swaps

20 Healthy Swaps

By making small tweaks to your diet, you can realize some amazing health benefits over time. Here’s a list of 20 simple food swaps that will put you on a fast-track to eating nutritiously—and deliciously! 1) Instead of potato or corn chips… Go for organic popcorn (not microwave) sprinkled with nutritional yeast or roasted, salted […]

Greening Your Diet

Greening Your Diet

The number one thing you can do today to improve your health and boost your energy is eat leafy greens. This simple act has powerful implications. In his book, Integrative Nutrition, author Joshua Rosenthal describes it this way: “Greens help build our internal rainforest and strengthen our circulatory and respiratory system.” He goes on to […]

Dare To Be You

Dare To Be You

by Joel K. Epps Have you ever felt lost, literally or figuratively? Of course you have. You know that feeling of “I don’t know where I am” and even worse, “I don’t know how to get where I’m going”, and even worse still “I don’t know where I’m going”.  We’ve all been there at one […]